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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatuallahBrothers & sisters in Islam,

this image has details regarding the number of lectures,CD'S,Part's & Languages in which transcripts are done,Inshallah this page will be regularly updated .

Hoor Transcribing hereafter series in EnglishHoor Transcribing Tafseer of Ayat al kursi in English
Maryam on April 28th,i'll inshallah transcibe the following in english:- Giving and investing in the hereafter-The Quran: The book of Tolerance
CLICK HERE - DETAILS PART 2 These are the lectures already available in english,details of these transcribed in other languages will be recorded.Inshallah.

Links of Transcripts

Abu Bakr series.

Umar Ibn Khattab

“Suicide or Martyrdom” into Bahasa Indonesia, (

The Battle of Hearts and Minds in German:
Some Transcriptions in GermanGERMAN
Die Schlacht der Herzen und Köpfe (The Battle of the Hearts and Minds)
Allah bereitet uns auf den Sieg vor (Allah is preparing us for Victory)
pdf of it:
(Parts of a lectures)Vertrauen in die Gelehrten
Wie konnten die Sahaba ihre Feinde besiegen?
Der neue Goldrausch
Kḥālid bin al-Walīd
translations from his Blog:
Gegen Regierungsarmeen in der muslimischen Welt kämpfen (Fighting Against Government Armies in the Muslim World)
Die Abstimmung über die Sharia in Somalia (The Voting for Sharia in Somalia)

Hereafter series in Tamil
Direct CD Download Links: